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    Digital Camera Travel Battery Charger for FH50-FH70-FH
    • Item:BC00061B1
    • Item Name:Digital Camera Travel Battery Charger for FH50-FH70-FH
    • List Price:$7.53
    • Price:$5.33
    • Weight:0.13KG/Unit
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    Brand new product with high quality.
    Slim and portable design.
    Smart LED charging status indicator.
    Input: 100V-240V 50/60Hz Max 150mA.
    Output: DC 8.4V 600mA.
    AC/DC output for both home and travel use.
    Foldable plug on the back of wall charger.
    High performance fully automatic charger designed to quickly and safely charge digital camera and camcorder battery.
    Suitable for FH50/FH70/FH camera/camcorder batteries.
    Warning: In order to avoid the fire and electrical shock, do not open the charger shell and don't put the charger to a place of wetness or humidity or high temperature.
    Product Details:
    weight:80 g
    size:12.6*5.1*4 cm

    Pack including:
    1 x Digital Camera Travel Battery Charger for FH50/FH70/FH

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