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    PC DVD TV Multimedia Remote Control USB IR Receiver (Silver)
    • Item:HR00005S
    • Item Name:PC DVD TV Multimedia Remote Control USB IR Receiver (Silver)
    • List Price:$12.41
    • Price:$9.21
    • Weight:0.21KG/Unit
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    Plug and play, no extra driver needed.
    Slim and portable and simple to use.
    Super far remote distance: within 18m to control your PC even without a mouse or keyboard.
    Wireless mouse function.
    A, B, C, D hotkeys with each to be set to open a software.
    Support software: WMP, RealPlayer, KM Player, TT play, Win DVD, Power DVD.
    Super long lifetime.
    Retractable infrared receiver's cable.
    System Required: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows MCE, Windows Vista.
    Newest style infrared remote control with stable performance.
    Powered by two AAA batteries.
    Package Details
    weight: 158 g
    size: 19*7.5*3.5 cm
    Package Includes
    1 x PC Remote Control
    1 x USB Infrared Receiver
    1 x User manual


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