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    TC-B1 Bluetooth Speaker (White)
    • Item:CP00472W
    • Item Name:TC-B1 Bluetooth Speaker (White)
    • List Price:$33.89
    • Price:$24.89
    • Weight:0.39KG/Unit
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    Highly dependable Bluetooth design to receive and play audio files from iPad, iTouch, iPhone, cell phones, MID and PCs
    Equipped with AUX interface
    Automatically identifies and plays music in MP3 format from a TF card or USB flash drive
    Equipped with a 5P microphone port for charging
    FM player
    Hands-free calls can be taken while the music is playing
    General Specs
    Brand & Model TC-B1
    Color White
    Output Jack 3.5 mm audio jack
    Card Reader Supports TF card
    U-disk Supported Yes
    Compatibility iPad, iTouch, iPhone, cell phones, MID and PCs
    Input Voltage DC5.0V
    Power 3W
    Speaker Size 74 X 69 mm
    Package Details
    Weight: 339.19 g
    Size: 10.3*8.00*15.3 cm

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